• Sustainable, Sensible Design

    Ashokan Architecture prides itself in sophisticated design using sustainable materials.

    Ashokan clients can be assured of beauty, quality and attention to ecologically sound building practices. Our designers make practical choices of time-tested, common sense materials that create healthy buildings you can live in and live with.

    Sustainable design falls into three general areas: energy efficiency, toxicity and embedded materials.

    Energy efficiency is not only insulation, lighting or heating, but also all power. We take energy efficiency beyond the b.t.u. charts to consider the power source. How is it acquired? Sun, wind, geothermal? Would you like your electric from a nuclear power plant or a gentle country breeze? Our own office is “off the grid,” receiving its electric from a wind farm in western New York State .

    Toxicity: Choices about carpeting, paints, woods and insulation make a big difference in the health and quality of life of the people who work or live in an office or home. We consider low/no-toxicity level materials, based on the needs of the people who will use the building.

    Embedded materials: Italian travertine or Vermont granite? How far did these materials have to be shipped and does the benefit outweigh the cost? What are the forestry practices in play for Costa Rican teak versus New York oak? Our buildings are a responsible use of resources that make a contribution to the communities they are placed in.

    Our clients in and around Ulster County can count on us to offer them green design options they can incorporate either partially or completely into their home, office or institution.