• Renderings / Presentations

    Ashokan Architecture has a wide range of presentation capabilities to suit the diverse needs of our clients.

    Computer modeling can simulate a realistic finished appearance of a building, interior space, site condition, cabinet design, custom door or window. Modeling is used to conduct sun-and-shade studies, and is an excellent tool for materials and color selection.

    Hand rendering is another method of presentation drawing, used for tasks ranging from initial design sketches through final presentation renderings. The media can be pencil, pen-and-ink, markers, or watercolor paint. Each have their own particular properties, and are selected depending on which will convey an idea most clearly.

    Model-making is a compelling method of communicating architectural form, and like drawing, can be either quickly assembled for study purposes or carefully constructed for finish presentation use. Materials such as cardboard, chipboard, balsa wood and foamcore are used in this process.

    We are often asked to provide presentations in varying forms for use before planning boards, as material for marketing purposes, and for institutional fund-raising events.