• Concept & Design

    Ideas are where all architecture begins.

    They come from the vessel of our collective built and social histories, experiences and dreams. At Ashokan, we strive to foster, understand and breathe life into ideas, turning them into physical constructs that succeed in fulfilling essential goals.

    The concept and design phase represents the beginnings of an architectural project. Many factors are considered, prioritized and diagramed: what uses will the facility contain and enable? How will these spaces be used? What are the site characteristics? What are the owner’s and stakeholder’s tastes and preferences? The list goes on, and it is our charge to translate these facts and directions into the creative realm of design. Within the profession, the Schematic Design phase generally produces sketches that are loose in nature, refining as the process evolves from a conceptual seed into a preliminary design. Basic functional and spatial relationships are established, site orientation is addressed, and the general “flow” of the facility is determined.

    During this phase, clear communication between the client and architect is critical. We will want to know everything we can about the nature of your organization, and work closely with you to assure the initial concepts we develop are based on your needs and goals.